Maxime Chapoutier, creator of Sothis gin, grew up in a family of winemakers, established in the Rhône Valley since 1808. This original gin is characterized by fresh aromas that reflect the flora of the terroir.
We created a whole story about the creation of this liquor, by showing the bottle itself with the ingredients flying around to make the gin done. Then the different steps to use it in a Gin Tonic Cocktail.
A cocktail is not just a drink, it’s an explosion of flavors, every drink has its own story. The idea with these moving pictures is to put every ingredient as a character with their own personality, living and moving around. To bring some life and show the feeling we have when we drink it. It’s not a static moment, it’s a living experience.


Art Direction


Client | M.Chapoutier | Personal Project
AD & Stylist | Wesley Dombrecht & Mathilda Perrot
Photographer | Wesley Dombrecht & Mathilda Perrot
Retoucher | Wesley Dombrecht & Mathilda Perrot